Hacking Password Are Bothered? Google’s Security Service Will Help

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Your Daily Life has become a digital life, which is very important to be cautious. Because of this, Google has also begun to take important steps regarding the security of your digital world. On February 5, Google launched two new features password checkup and cross-account protection on Seper Internet Day.

Password Checking

Password checkup is a feature that allows Google to find out the name of the account and its password in the list of hundreds of millions of users and can secure it. If there is any tampering with your password, then Chrome extension will give an automatic warning and you will immediately suggest changing your password.

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Cross Account Protection

Cross-account protection is designed as a security device for applications and websites that require Google sign-in. Google says that this tool is effective in sending account information related to hijacking or other threats related to security or accountability.

This feature of Google can prove to be very effective because most users trust their Google account to log in to third-party accounts. That’s why it can be helpful to protect millions of users.

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Google claims that these security technologies are developed with the help of Google and Stanford University’s cryptography researchers. Apart from this, the help of other technology companies like Adobe and IETF was also taken.

Such Technology Has Already Been Made

The password checkup tool Google has launched will prove to be very helpful for people. But Google is not the first company that has developed this technology. A Famous Security Expert Troy Hunt has brought a new technology named Pawnard Password. This is a service that helps you to select a password, and you can know whether your password has been compromised first or not. They created this technology using 500 million passwords database.

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